Wednesday, January 1, 2014

365 Challenge

Post is copied from my Donna L. Dodd Photographs facebook page:
I'm giving myself the 365 Challenge for 2014. Which is, basically, taking a photograph every day this year! Well, actually, I pretty much do that already with my iPhone. So I guess what I'm challenging myself to do is take more photographs with my "serious" camera, which means carrying that camera around with me more...or going out and seeking more "serious" photographs, technically speaking!

So along with this challenge at least 5 out of 7 images each week have to be with my "big girl" camera (I totally stole this name from a professional photographer that calls his serious camera his "big boy" camera...shhhh!). Ok, having said all that here's my first image...using a point & shoot camera that I recently bought that has some fun features, such as fish eye, that I used with this photo. Just a fun shot for the first day! : )
Oh, and an additional challenge this year will be to do a daily blog entry...along with my daily images. 

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