Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pinhole Photography...or versions thereof

My photography group, 81Bees, is putting together work done with a Pinhole Camera, or versions images fall in the "versions thereof" category.  I'm using already shot digital images and recreating them with a pinhole lens filter.  Below are a few images that I've experimented with so far.
I've since read up on pinhole cameras on and came away with this helpful information about the characteristics of pinhole imges...

"Pinhole images are softer – less sharp – than pictures made with a lens. The images have nearly infinite depth of field. Wide angle images remain absolutely rectilinear. On the other hand, pinhole images suffer from greater chromatic aberration than pictures made with a simple lens, and they tolerate little enlargement."

I'm thinking I might need to tweet and work a little more on some of these images to get them looking more like they were taken with a pinhole camera...but I like the initial experiementation.  What do you think?

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