Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zone System...or...Reconstructing My Brain

I'm taking the Zone System class at ccsf this semester.  So for someone who uses color as a big part of the composition in their images...this is going to be a challange.  I have a portfolio due in four weeks and every idea I've had so far has been tossed aside because of the color and white film is the mode of operation in the Zone System.  Yes, you read that  I had to buy a film camera for this a good deal on a Nikon N4004, which will work nicely for this class and only cost me forty bucks!  Let's not even talk about how much money I had to spend on film and development chemicals...yikes!!

But I'm finding I don't think in black and white...I think I've always thought in color.  Now I need to retrain my brain to think in light and shadow...which isn't a bad thing at all.  And I'm hoping that this class will force me to slow down a more thinking before I take the shot as it were.

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